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Exciting Updates at the Swim School! - Behind the Scenes at Russell Aquatics

You may have noticed that our fall session started a bit later than usual this year. Why? We were making some exciting upgrades to our facility to ensure that we’re in tip top shape for all our wonderful swim families.

We started with the basics - some paint touch ups, patchwork and pool maintenance before moving on to the big jobs. We were excited to commission a brand new mural located next to the front desk for our students to enjoy featuring characters from our new program!

The biggest task of all was the pool deck. After five years, we made the decision that it was time to resurface the deck and opted for tile for a more durable finish. We used the same great company that built our pool back in 2018 (Acapulco Pools) and are over the moon with the results! One of the main benefits of tile is that it’s less porous than other finishes which means that it can withstand power washing and is more resistant to chipping and cracking.

While we were at it, we also drained the pool and Acapulco Pools gave it an extremely thorough cleaning. The pool was refilled with fresh water with the help of seven large water trucks. If we were to solely use city water and our pool’s refill mechanism, it would take days so we always try to expedite this process by outsourcing. After a full day of pumping water into the pool, our amazing team of certified pool operators began re-balancing our pool chemicals. Because we keep our pool quite warm to ensure our students are comfortable, re-heating the water to our ideal temperature took several days and during this time, chemicals needed to be closely monitored as changes in temperature can cause fluctuations in readings.

A few days before our re-opening, our new deck and freshly cleaned and filled pool were ready to go for our students. It’s important to us that whenever we’re rebalancing the pool, we leave a few buffer days in case getting correct level readings takes longer than expected. Safety is always our number one priority and that starts with having clean and safe water for our students!



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