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Tips for Water Safety and Drowning Prevention

The water is an amazing place to have fun with your children this summer but it’s so important to remember water safety and be aware of the risks. You can never to be too safe in and around the water. Our main goal at Russell Aquatics is to teach our students (both young and older) to learn how to swim so that you will ALL have that skill when a situation arises that you need to know how. Approximately 500 Canadians drown each year. Even one drowning is too many!

Here are some tips for water safety and drowning prevention:

  • Always supervise your children when near and in the water. With younger children who cannot swim independently, ALWAYS keep them within arms reach.

  • When you are supervising children in a pool, put your phone down, it takes seconds for something to happen

  • Wear a life jacket when boating. Even the best swimmers need life jackets while boating, they don’t work if you’re not wearing them. Choose it. Use it. Wear it!!

  • Learn how to swim – everyone needs to know how. It’s not IF you need to know how to swim, it’s WHEN!

  • Always swim with a buddy and make sure the buddy knows how to swim

  • If you can’t swim, always wear a life jacket.

  • Never leave your child unattended in a bathtub

  • Hire a lifeguard when you’re having a pool party in your backyard

Stories like this and this are preventable.

Drowning is preventable and happens so quickly & silently…pay attention to your children around the water.



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