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Why Choose a Private Swim School

Whether we do so from childhood or a little later on in life, swimming is an essential life skill to teach and be taught. In Canada, where swimming lessons are readily available, 40% of drownings occur because the victim was a weak or non-swimmer. These incidents are highly preventable, and it is important to be well-informed on how proactiveness can be achieved and which options are the best.Private swim schools have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and the reasons for this shift are endless.

These lessons are personalized to each student and are not generalized by a level or ranking; the private industry recognizes that every child learns at a different pace and in their own unique ways. Instructors at Russell Aquatics are specifically trained to alter lessons and teaching styles based on the individual needs of each child. While municipality-run programs measure success through badges and stickers, Russell Aquatics recognizes success by the progress our swimmers make throughout their time in the pool. Swimmers who take their lessons through private swim schools most often see quicker and more visible progress, even within the first few weeks!

The culture at private swim schools is much different than that of a municipality, and plays a big role in their increased popularity. Private swim schools are often family run, and treat their staff like family members as well. This creates an environment where instructors love to teach and love being at work. Students can sense the energy of the instructors and are equally as enthusiastic about learning how to swim. This great culture has instructors stay with the swim school for many years, watching their students grow and progress. Along the way, these instructors make amazing connections with not only their students, but with parents as well!

The customer service provided at private swim schools is held at a very high standard, and is carried out at every level of the organization.

When you enter the Russell Aquatics facility, you are warmly greeted by the staff at the front desk time and time again. The supervisors and instructors are sure to know you and your child by name and greet you each time you come to your lesson. You are welcomed into the Russell Aquatics family and are certain to become more and more familiar with our staff as the weeks go by. When classes are missed, our front desk staff consistently go out of their way to find makeup classes that work with each unique schedule and timing.

The quality of instruction is one of the major differences found between municipal and private sector lessons.

Instructors working for the private sector are not simply teaching as a job, but teaching because they enjoy working with, and educating children. Our instructors go through rigorous training before they are given this large, yet rewarding responsibility. On the other hand, instructors at municipal facilities are usually only required to take one course to start teaching, whereas we require an additional 40+ hours of in-water training in addition to ensure we can trust our staff with their classes. Training is ongoing to ensure instructors are kept up to date with the latest tips and tricks within the industry. At Russell Aquatics, we have industry professionals come in from all over the world to lead courses on the latest teaching methods and tactics.

Private swim schools are able to offer lower ratio classes; something which really sets them apart from municipality-run lessons.

Where city programs may have 5-8 students in a class, private swim schools cap their classes at 3-4. This low ratio ensures swimmers stay consistent throughout their lessons without waiting while instructors work with other students. This factor also allows for the instructor to take more time individually correcting and assisting each student so they learn and progress more efficiently. Most importantly, lower ratios create a safer environment! Instructors at private swim schools are able to focus on their students’ progress, rather than worrying about the safety of several students at a time. At Russell we also have extra support available in the water such as supervisors, lead instructors and assistant instructors. Instructors are able to offer more one on one instruction, catering lessons to each individual student rather than generalizing them to the entire class.

A big reason to choose a private swim school over the municipality is the quality of our facilities.

Our pool is always kept at 90 degrees to maintain a comfortable and safe swimming environment. Furthermore, our pool uses UV technology to maintain the cleanest water possibly killing bacteria, viruses, moulds and their spores, drastically reducing the risk of infection to bathers. Our pool’s deepest point is only 4’6” deep, designed specifically for safe swimming lessons! We pride ourself in the maintenance of a clean, and therefore, safer environment. Outside of the pool, you’ll find state of the art change rooms and an air-conditioned viewing area with free WiFi, which is where parents can relax and watch their children succeed!

While private swim schools often come at a higher price tag, the benefits certainly outweigh the costs. Who’s ready to learn?!



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