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Why Choose Russell Aquatics?

Let us tell you why you should choose Russell Aquatics Swim School

for your learn to swim program this summer:

Safety is key!!

At Russell Aquatics, there are several people on deck with lifeguard and instructor certification and experience. The experience our leading team has matters!!

Water health.

Russell Aquatics have specific staff dedicated to the health & safety of the water in the pool. Our Certified Pool Operators have more than 40 hours of training. Their special training allows them to monitor and maintain water clarity. Your child’s health and safety is our priority at all times. Pools must be properly balanced to avoid serious health concerns. No problems here!! We have a state of the art filtration, UV, Chemical Control System and people who manage & service our pool daily . Our water turns over at a rate of every 1.5 hours which is 4 times more often than the legal requirement…super fresh & clean 🙂

Clean change rooms.

Russell Aquatics has clean change rooms that include 8 showers, baby change tables, and private changing stalls.

The most trained instructors in the industry.

Experience makes a big difference!! You pay lots of money to make sure your child is learning how to swim in a fun, enthusiastic and safe environment. We ensure you have the best possible experience at our pool. Swim lessons are optimized to your child’s individual needs. We have tons of splash masters and supervisors on deck and in the water to hold instructors accountable to our high standards of instruction.

Our lessons are taught according to each individual child’s swimming ability.

As a child progresses, our instructors adapt to keep their students challenged and always reaching for their full potential. This ensures that your little fish learns and improves and more importantly won’t be held back based on an assigned level.

At Russell Aquatics Swim School, our pool and facility are specifically designed for a learn to swim program.

Our pool provides students with an optimal space regardless of their learning level. Unfortunately, backyard pools, hotels and other private facilities can’t always meet these requirements especially when it comes to children in older levels.

Indoor Facility!

This can be huge! You don’t have to worry about the weather or temperature when it comes to swimming indoors! It’s always consistent at Russell Aquatics! Water temperature is 90 and the air is nice & toasty.

It’s so important your child’s swimming experience is one that teaches them proper technique, a love for the water & more importantly fosters trust so your child is willing to try and give it their all during their lessons. Swimming is one of the most consistent activities your child will participate in throughout their childhood. Beginner swimmers receive the proper material in progressions that meets their level in their learn to swim journey. Safety is always the number one priority.

Remember once you begin and invest in this journey, stay consistent! Consistency is key!!! Learn to swim today and enjoy the benefits of swimming for a lifetime!



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